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sugar cube wollongong

Homemade Liege
Belgian Waffles, cooked
fresh to order!

Sugar Cube offers a wide range of ice creams and desserts such as banana splits and sundaes!

See our range of frappes, shakes, smoothies
and more!

Choose our exclusive espresso blend for a range of coffee, hot and cold drinks and juices!


Reminiscent of an old fashioned milk bar, Sugar Cube specialises in homemade Liège Belgian Waffles.

Special Occasions

Aside from the main bar, Sugar Cube has a separate seating/parties area. Great for groups functions, birthdays and other celebrations. Get in touch to book a space for your next function now!


Come and sit in one of our booths adjacent to the main bar.

Outdoor Seating

Catch some sun or watch it set from our brightly coloured outdoor seating section.

belgian waffles 

Watch below how we craft our famous Belgian Waffles. 
Sugar Cube specialises in homemade Liège Belgian Waffles. Originating in the city of Liège in Eastern Belgium and unlike American styled batter mix waffles, Belgian Waffles are a yeast risen dough. The dough is encrusted with specially imported chunks of Belgian Pearl Sugar. When cooked on the waffle iron, the Pearl Sugar caramelises on the outside, resulting in a rich, sweet waffle with a crunchy outside when cooled.

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